Digital Music Distribution

Distribute your music to all major digital platforms. As an artist, you will have full control of your releases, and you'll keep 100% of your rights. Take your music career to the next level.


Special Label & Publishing

We're innovating and creating opportunities. We use our knowledge, network, and other sources to invest in your career. We'll give the best artists a chance to become a Sony Music artist if they like. That's right. Best artists will be invited to sign a worldwide deal with Sony Music Entertainment.


Audio & Video Plugger

Easy and Affordable Music and Video Plugger Platform. MusicMyBand plugger is now becoming a leading service provider that sends your music directly to Radio and TV networks in North America.



Our goal is to see your sales/streamings go as high as possible, so that we all can pay our bills.

Music Distribution

You can distribute your new Single, EP, Album, or Ringtone right away. You're in charge. Keep 100% of the sales revenue. You only pay a small One Time Fee (No annual fees) to distribute your music worldwide. Artists will receive full support and SEO help to increase sales and global exposure, marketing tools, as well as licensing opportunities in films. ad campaigns, video games, and more.

Get heard. Get played. Get downloaded. Get paid. Keep 100% of your Royalties. Best Artists will be distributed by Sony Music.

Special Label & Publishing

Thanks to over 25 years of success in the music industry, we're now able to go beyond. From managing major artists in the past to working with major record labels and music industry professionals, it gave us some leverages to use in favor of our artists.

Our A&R team will evaluate a few things to determine whether or not you'll be invited to sign a deal with Sony Music.

Audio & Video Plugger

We've created a professional music distribution platform that helps record labels, managers, promoters, and independent artists to deliver music and video to radio, television, and industry professionals across the United States, Canada, and Mexico..