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Besr Artists will be signed to Sony Music.

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Artists who have distributed their music through MusicMyBand and have achieved great performance throughout all Digital Music Services will be granted a distribution deal with Sony Music Entertainment. We're a way more than just a music distribution company.

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Let's take your music career to the next level and beyond.

You will be measured through the first year of your distribution via MusicMyBand. Selected artists will be invited to enter into an agreement with Sony. Usually, it consists of a 5-year-agreement, and you will have an option to accept or reject the offer. Creativity, uniqueness, and quality are three things that play an important role in getting recognized. Ultimately, we're much more than a music distribution company, and far ahead of the old record label industry.

Additionally, we have a booking team who works with other booking agents across the globe. We work with third party artists as well as in-house.


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