Get Your Music on Spotify iTunes, Deezer, Tidal, Amazon, TikTok, Beatport, etc.

Keep 100% of your Royalties

Global Music Distribution

Global Music Distribution

Make your music available in several stores worldwide, including Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, Pandora, iHeart Radio, Soundcloud, TikTok, Tidal, Deezer, and many more. Free ISRC and Bar codes. One time setup fee - No annual fees. No takendown fees. Keep 100% of your royalties.

Simple, powerful and effective. It's all about music and technology to make your life a lot easier. It's a combination of 3 powerful applications: Music Distribution, Audio & Video Plugger and SEO.

  • Music Distribution
  • YouTube Content ID
  • Facebook Rights Management
  • VEVO Video Delivery & Channel Creation
  • Ringtone
  • Spotify Windowing
  • iTunes Pre-order
  • Free ISRCs & Barcodes
  • No Takedown Fees
  • Marketing Tool
  • SEO for Artists
  • Radio Plugger access (Major stations)
  • Video Plugger access (MTV, BET, etc)
  • Licensing Opportunities
  • Music Publishing Management
  • Technology
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Out-of-the-Box Music Platform

  • Distribution Portal

  • Insights and Royalty Reporting

  • Daily Demographics and Audiences

  • Analytics and Reporting

  • Catalog Management

  • MusicMyBand Plugger

  • SEO Application (Free Bonus)

Distribution Portal

Distribute your content to hundreds of Digital Music Services and keep 100% of rights ownership.

= Channel-per channel selection for each release.
= Quality control of artwork, metadata and audio.
= Kepp 100% of your royalties

Insights and Royalty Reporting

MusicMyBand import sales statements in any format from any distributor, store or streaming service, so that you and/or your artists can access transparent and precise insights and royalty reports. Access detailed analytics by country, performance and platform. Track your sales and streams - understand your audience and data to make better strategic decisions.

1. Access detailed statements;
2. Trending report;
3. Insights;
4. Request and process royalty payouts.

Daily Demographics and Audiences

Get to know the age, gender, place, location of your listeners, and which device and OS they used.

Analytics and Reporting

You can check the analytics of all past sales, streams and views.

Get sales reports. PDF Coversheet with mini stats. and detailed text file, including all lines.

All downloadable directly from your dashboard

Catalog Management

You can create tracks, combine them into releases and send them to the world’s leading Digital Music Services. This revolutionary track-based architecture allows for fast and simple creation of singles, EPs, albums and compilations – all based on your existing catalog. MusicMyBand offers free, unlimited audio file and metadata backups and makes your catalog easily accessible at any time.

SEO Application

If desired, you will be granted access to a separate SEO application - No download required. Please just be aware that some minimal knowledge may be needed for you to properly use this application. In order to get your credentials, please email us at after you have signed up and distributed your first release through MusicMyBand.

Visitor Analytics: It gives you a full report and analytics on how your visitors behave; who they are by their age, gender, location, etc.; how they landed on your site (traffic source); the most popular content on your site; your total conversions; and so on;

Social Network Analysis: It helps you collect data from social media sites and evaluating that data to make important decisions. It goes far beyond the usual monitoring or a basic analysis of retweets or ‘likes’ to develop an in-depth idea of the social consumer (fans);

Website Analytics: You can monitor the results of your online marketing strategies, on-site content, user experience, and device functionality. With this information in hand, you can easily create strategies and grow your music brand faster;

Link Analysis: Link analysis can help in getting clues on which pages are important and should thus be ranked higher. It helps to you to know how well you’re doing, and how your campaigns are doing. Depending on the situation, you can see all sorts of benefits - measuring success;

Rank & Index Analysis: Check search engine ranking and analyze search engine indexing to better understand and act on your own positioning. You'll be able to check any website, and you'll see exactly where you can optimize your site(s) for better performance;

Domain Analysis: Get insights into the level of your competition and the ability to rank in search engines. Discover how your link building strategy or link profile differs from your SEO competitors;

IP Analysis: The IP Class of your domain plays an important role to increase the traffic to your websites. When you are hosting your website, you must pay attention to the IP Class that will be associated with your domain;

Keyword Analysis: his is the first step in search engine optimization (SEO) for any website. The purpose of performing keyword research is to find words and phrases that users are searching for;

Backlink & Ping: You will be able to create backlinks automatically to your web pages. It usually means that you ping a page (like a blog post comment) which links to your site (backlink). When you ping backlinks, it increases your chances of getting that backlink indexed and get its link juice;

Google Tools & Utilities: Google URL Shortener + Analytics, Google Adwords Scraper, Email Encoder/Decoder, URL Encoder/Decoder, Base64 Encoder/Decoder, Meta Tag Generator, Robot Code Generator, Plagiarism Check, Valid Email Check, Duplicate Email Filter, URL Canonical Check, Gzip Check;

Malware Scan: Google Safe Browser, Norton, VirusTotal (67 different scans);

Minify Code: Compacting HTML, CSS, and JS codes.

Digital Music Stores Over 100 Stores Worldwide

Our Pricing

Pay As You Go

One Time Fee/Per Track
  • All current & future stores
  • Get 100% of your royalties
  • YouTube Content ID
  • Free ISRCs & Barcodes
  • No takedown fees
  • Smart Links
  • Facebook Rights Management
  • Multiple Artists
  • Multiple Labels
  • SEO Application
  • Publishing administration available if requested
  • Licensing Opportunities

Pro Artist

Per Month/Unlimited Releases

  • All current & future stores
  • Ringtone Distribution included
  • Get 100% of your royalties
  • YouTube Content ID
  • Facebook Rights Management
  • Free ISRCs & Barcodes
  • No takedown or update fees
  • Smart Links
  • Multipe Artists
  • Multiple Labels
  • SEO Application
  • Publishing administration available if requested
  • Licensing Opportunities

Video Distribution

One Time Fee

  • Video distribution
  • Vevo channel creation
  • Get 100% of your net revenue
  • SEO Application


When will my music be available in stores?
It usually takes between 48-72 hours. However, it varies from to store. Spotify requires that your music is delivered at least five (5) business days before the earliest available date as specified in your release information.
What am I allowed to distribute?
Your own compositions and/or songs that you have the legal rights to distribute.

You must own the rights or have been given permission by the rights owner and have your release approved by them. This applies to cover versions, Re-mixes and for the use of sampled pieces of music, vocals, radio, film or TV samples used within your release.

Important: If that's your case, you must send documentation to otherwise your release won't be distributed. Please make sure you check our metadata requirements for further information.
How can I find the links to my music in stores and how to share it?
On the “release edit page” you will be able to share the store links to Facebook, Twitter, email, and more. As soon as the release is available on the services the links will automatically appear.
How can I create a release?
Clicking “Create a Release” within your dashboard is the fastest and easiest way to get your music online.

Our smart wizard allows you to enter all the information for your releases easier than any other digital distribution system available to date.
The Wizard has been designed to guide you in order to get your music distributed.
Can I choose on which services my music will be distributed?
Yes, absolutely. You can choose this in the final step of your distribution process.
Can I Select in which countries my music will be available?
You bet! You can choose that in the final step of your distribution process.
Spotify Windowing
Spotify Windowing is a flexible release policy that allows artists to release new albums on Spotify Premium for two weeks in advance of the official release date. This means that Spotify Premium subscribers will get to listen to the new release two weeks earlier than the other free users.
This section informs you about the status of your new releases until they have been delivered to the digital services. All releases distributed through MusicMyBand go through quality control before being delivered to the stores. If there is any issue with your releases you will be notified in this section.

The news section could contain important information such as new services that are being added, holiday season delivery schedules, new functions within your dashboard, etc.
What is an ISRC code?
ISRC stands for International Standard Code. It identifies a sound recording. One Composition can be related to multiple ISRC numbers if there are multiple Sound Recordings of that single Composition. e.g., versions.

MusicMyBand will automatically assign an ISRC code for your digital recordings if you like. It’s absolutely free.
What is a Barcode (UPC/EAN)?
This is a unique code belonging to your release. The code is used to represent and track your music as an entire physical or digital product. MusicMyBand will automatically assign a Barcode for your music release if you like. It’s absolutely free.
How do I check my sales?
You can see your sales at any time from the user interface.

To see your sales reports, go to Sales > Reports from your Dashboard.
To see the sales trends and real-time* analytics, go to the Sales > Analytics section of the interface.
The Digital stores usually provide the royalty statements with (at least) one month delay after the effective sale date.
When do I get paid?
We receive sales statements & payment around two months after the date of sale. So if your music was sold in January you will receive your payment in March. Some shops report to us quarter yearly meaning that sales generated in January, February and March will be paid out at the earliest in April or May

We post the sales reports to your account as soon as these are made available to us by the stores.

In case you did not have any sales activity for a particular month in any store, you will not receive a sales report for that month.
VEVO Video Delivery
VEVO is the world’s leading platform for premium music content. Due to the publishing partnership with YouTube, VEVO is now present in more than 200 countries.

We can create a new VEVO channel and/or distribute content to it on your behalf.
Do the digital stores take a cut on my music sales?
Unfortunately, most distributors do not make this info transparent to you. So, the short answer is yes There's no way to avoid that, no matter where (who) you distribute your music.

Generally, stores like iTunes, Amazon and others keep 30% of a sale. We get 70% of a sale (this is called the wholesale price) and share 100% of this amount to you.

For stores that offer full-track streaming, there is a proportionate share worked out differently for every store.

Therefore, monthly payouts for music streaming sales can vary each month. You can check all the information shared by channels on your Sales Reports.
How do I receive payments?
Payments are processed through PayPal.

Additionally, you’ll be able to request a wire transfer to your bank account as long as you’re requesting a minimum of $250 (domestic and/or international fees may apply).
How can I change my password?
You can change your password by clicking “Reset password” at the login screen. Just enter the email address associated with your account and click “SUBMIT." You will now receive an email with a link to change your password.